What is it about Ulf Klein's papers on the foundations that you don't agree with?




Best read in order. In short, the complex amplitudes are necessary due to the MATHEMATICAL coupling between an action describing dynamics on phase space and the probability density AND the desire for linearity. In PLAIN ENGLISH, the complex amplitudes are necessary because quantum theory is an predictively incomplete ensemble theory. Hey, this could be why the difficulty uniting QM with GR! Imagine that! It could be that such unification will not be possible until we have predictively complete quantum theory, something like David Hestenes' Maxwell-Dirac Theory extended to the Quantum Fields.


See also Oliver Consa's works:



I'm not going to give you a heart for this one, no way, even though I like the superluminal thing. I checked my email and saw your post because I was reading about stigmergy and thought about sending Francis Heylighen a link to this 2013 paper I recently found:


It's about telepathic communication in plants. Anyway, I also found the original guy from the Robert Anton Wilson book; his name was Cleve Backster and he was working for the CIA when he did the plant experiments. But this research was actually initiated by


back in 1902!

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This deep mystery is one of the reasons that I really, really want to live way past the current human maximum so I have a chance of seeing what develops.

Fascinating post, Ben. I've been wanting to catch up on the frontiers of thinking in physics and cosmology and this does a lot to help.

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Hi Ben, great post. I'll probably post comments on the technical part, which I need time to research and digest, but let me say something on the general part first.

Most highly imaginative new ideas in theoretical physics are "not getting much love from the high-prestige core of the theoretical physics community... but I think it’s worth being more open-minded in this regard."

Yes, I totally agree. To me, the "high-prestige core of the theoretical physics community" often sound like those woke extremists and cancel freaks that want to cancel all ideas that even begin to question their beloved ideology, and are always ready to throw the babies with the dirty water in the name of political correctness and ideological compliance. I have called them "bureaucrats of science" or "Scientific Justice Warriors" (SJWs).

"Smolin’s Precedence Principle — which is essentially a more socially-acceptable version of Sheldrake’s principle of morphic resonance... Morphic resonance has been posited by Sheldrake as a potential explanation for various psi phenomena (and see this page for some references helping explain why I take psi phenomena seriously, especially if you don’t)."

It is essentially the same thing indeed. But if it comes from Smolin, who is regarded as one of the group because he's essentially compliant, and without references to psi, it is "socially-acceptable" (nice term!). If it comes from Sheldrake, who is regarded as one of the enemies, it is "pseudoscience."

That psi exists is trivially true because we'll engineer psi and are already making progress in that direction (e.g. brain implants wirelessly connected for artificial telepathy). I'm also open to natural psi. If psi can be engineered, then it is totally compatible with science, and perhaps one day we'll understand the exotic physics that underlies natural psi.

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