TL;DR -- not much, perhaps just a teensy bit, but it's missing the core of cognition

November 2022

In which I roughly gesture at some out-there ideas — mostly due to others, with some modest unique Goertzelogical variations — that could possibly…

October 2022

By Early 2025 at Latest
Measuring Economic Productivity Is Pretty Much Bullshit -- We Should Be Measuring Well-Being Catalysis Instead Periodically over the last decade (at…

August 2022

According to my current best guesses...
Well OK probably not but...
(This is sort of a continuation of my last post on Jungian archetypes, cognitive psychology and grandiosity... actually the ability to lead onto this…

July 2022

Jungian Personality Archetypes, Cognitive Synergy, and the Concept of Evil Refracted Through the Prism of Open-Ended Intelligence

March 2022

The notion of reducing all human concepts to combinations of a few "semantic primitives" (or a few simple classes of primitive concepts) is one of those…
Pain and death are two aspects of human life that most of us don’t appreciate very much … but we tend to put up with as gracefully as possible because…
NFTs have garnered massive global media attention recently, and I believe justifiably so. Are NFTs in a speculative price bubble, in some respects and…

January 2022

... and an argument why pain can be reduced near zero post-Singularity